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VISION: To be the premier global supply chain company, empowering businesses with seamless, sustainable, and innovative solutions. We envision a world where our clients achieve unparalleled operational efficiency, optimized resource utilization, and reduced environmental impact through our commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and responsible practices.

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MISSION: We are committed to optimizing efficiency and driving sustainable growth for our clients while fostering global connectivity and innovation within the supply chain ecosystem.

About us

We are committed to give you peace of mind

BLV Agency is a trailblazing company that provides international logistics, freight forwarding services and customs clearance. We take care of all your imports and exports cargoes from origin to destination and assists you with all documentation process to give you an easy clearing process.


Our company provides freight forwarding solution to importers and exporters worldwide using our expansive network of agents, we are synonymous with quality and are organized to assist your business with customized solutions for all forms of logistics, commodity trading, export support consultancy and services.

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Your business would receive the personal attention it requires...

Your business would receive the personal attention it requires together with the efficiencies, breadth of service and back-up only a company like ours can give. We will also update you on the transit of your consignments from origin to final destination. Great customer service is and always has been the bedrock of our company’s success with operational excellence. We have years of experience in Customs Clearance and also maintains good relationship with Customs officials providing accurate documentation to complete a transaction. Our documentation experts are fully equipped to process all customs documentation and processes, providing our clients with best consultation applicable for a hassle free clearance. We rely on two main pillars to our business: an excellent customer service and a global network of partners.




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We have years of experience in customs clearance and also maintain good relationship with customs officials providing accurate documentation to complete any transaction.